Over 40 years of combined experience

Live Oak Dog Obedience, LLC has been operating in Utah since 1996 and is an established local business. Live Oak offers year-round dog training classes and private instruction in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas, including indoor classes during the winter months. Classes are generally small so personalized attention and guidance can be achieved.


Jan Perkins

Jan Perkins graduated from BYU with a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. After working with a Veterinarian in Orem for 3 years, she moved to Southern California and started Live Oak Dog Obedience in 1980. In 1995 Jan moved to Salt Lake City, Utah and started Live Oak Dog Obedience Utah. Jan has competed in obedience competitions and has trained all breeds and personalities of dogs. Jan not only trains for obedience, but teaches manners and good dog citizenship. She believes that a dog that has a job and purpose is a happy and fulfilled dog. Training some types of Service and Emotional support dogs as well as preparing dogs for Therapy work is another type of training that she is involved in. Jan is certified with the American Kennel Club as a CGC instructor and conducts tests throughout the year.

Kelsey Larsen

Kelsey has been training dogs, horses, and other various animals with Jan as long as she can remember. Kelsey and Jan started JK Farms, providing horseback riding lessons and horse training when Kelsey was 16 years old. In 2017, Kelsey joined Jan at Live Oak Dog Obedience specializing in agility training. She is an excellent trainer and is very gifted in with animals.


Many options to meet your needs
Puppy Preschool
The class is a positive introduction to obedience training and in building relationships with family members. Open to all breeds from 8 to 16 weeks.
Beginner / Novice
All obedience exercises will be taught along with dog behavior problems, boundary training, and protection awareness. This class is for all dogs 4 months and older.
Refines all basic obedience exercises and challenges dogs with distance work and drop on recall. Rally and some agility training will also be taught.
Working dogs in distance and off leash exercises and on some open and utility obedience. Rally Excellent exercises will also be taught.
Service Dogs
Canine Good Citizenship (CGC) includes 10 tests that prove that the dog is able to be in public safely. This test is then registered with AKC and a certificate and CGC tag is awarded.
Scent training is a valuable class for both you and your dog. This training gives your dog a job and and provides the opportunity to work with your dog both indoors and out.
Training for companionship and help for those who are not able function with full mobility. Initial evaluation available for those interested.
Rally and Agility
These classes will not only prepare you for showing in these disciplines but will also challenge them in different areas and give them a fun way to work off extra energy.

Our Clients

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Best Offer
Classes (8-pack)

These may be used for any of our classes

Single Class

May be used at any facility or class level


A variety of small group class options for busy schedules

Please pre-register to attend classes  by contacting us below.  The classes are having to be taught inside now so my space is limited.  If you are not able to attend please contact me at least 24 hours before class so another client is able to attend.

If you are coming to the puppy class please bring a leash, favorite toys, and a blanket or mat for your puppy to lay on.  Also bring a copy of your puppy’s shot record.  All puppies must have at least their first DHLPP shots before coming into class.

I welcome children to classes, but they should be old enough to sit in a chair quietly and learn along with you by watching.

If your dog is coughing or not feeling well, PLEASE do not bring your dog to class. If you have not updated your vaccine record with me, please send a copy or the dates of your dogs latest vaccine.