Therapy Dogs

Therapy and Service Dog Training available:

Jan has 3 dogs that are registered through Intermountain Therapy Animals.  She is available to prepare and give information on how to become involved as a therapy dog.

Jan also has one of her dogs that is certified Service Dog.  She trains service dogs for companion and help for those who are not able function with full mobility.

For those of you that are interested in Therapy Dogs, this is a great service you can do for people who need a little love.  If you are wondering if your dog would be a good candidate for this training I would be happy to evaluate you and your dog.  Let me know and when we train I will give you extra things to do to help your dog prepare for this.  There are a few of you that are ready and this would be a great job for your dog.  If you would like to contact ITA ( Intermountain Therapy Animals) call 801-272-3439 or go to  It takes a while to go through the process so start now.