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***Starting in November I will be having clients sign up for the classes they would like to attend.  Because my classes are getting larger I want to give all of you as much time as I can, and because some classes can become very large I am going to limit the size of the class depending on the location and size of the area we are training in.  You will still be able to come to as many classes a week as you would like and to any location.  I will send the schedule out each week as usual and you will be able to reserve your spot by email, letting me know what class you will be attending.  I will then check you off for that class, so you won’t have to sign in anymore.  Once a class is full I will inform you that this class is full and let you know what classes are still available.  If you need to cancel a class you are more than welcome to 24 hours in advance.

The first Wednesday of the month will be mainly for first time dogs. This will be for puppy and Beginning Novice dogs.  Dogs that have been in class previously are still welcome to that class, but just know that I will be moving slower to get them started.  This way I won’t be wasting your time in your training.  If new clients would like to start sooner, I will encourage a private so they will have the basics when they come into class.  Intermediate and Advance classes will remain the same, but I will have you just let me know what class you will be coming to so I won’t have to have the clipboard anymore.

You and your dogs are my main priority in class and I think by doing this, I can give you all the attention you need and move you quicker through the training.  I will be using November and December for everyone used to the new scheduling, when it will formally go into effect on January 1, 2016.   If you have any questions about this please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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