Welcome to a new puppy for Kimberly

Posted by on Jan 26, 2014 | 2 comments

Kimberly who’s dog, Tucker who graduated from the Advance Class and is now a Therapy dog,  just adopted this sweet puppy.  He was a stray in Cedar City who had not been claimed.  As of now he doesn’t have a name but they think is between 3 and 5 months.  Quite a handsome fellow with the cutest ears ever.  Welcome to a wonderful new family and home.




  1. Thank Heavens for Jan. I live in California and I have a new puppy a Rottie. She is beautiful and very smart. I call Jan all the time with issues that come up with my new puppy. Jan is so positive and walks me through each issues I have had. Very postive and it works. I know many of you are unable to go to her classes although she is just a telephone call away. Jan loves all animals and is so willing to help train each one of us. Bree has issues as all puppies and since I have not had a puppy for a long time I need to be retrained. Alpha rolls, sit, down and stand have been a few commands we are learning. Bitting with those sharp teeth, Jan even has a solution for that. I really wish I could take Bree to a few of her classes although at this time I am using my phone. I hope to go to Utah sometime in the next few months to have Jan see if what I am doing is the best for Bree. She is the dog whisper in my life. I was walking Bree and my neighbor came out and said how much she missed having Jan in California to help her with her dog. Jan you are wonderful and thank you so much for sharing the love and knowledge of animals with me. All of you that live in Utah take advantage of the best dog trainer in the world. Thank you Jan for all your time you have given me with Bree.

    • Thank you so much Joan for the kind words. Feel free to call anytime. I would be happy to come down to Calif. again anytime, to work with you. Please keep in touch on how Bree is doing.

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