Live Oak Dog Obedience Utah offers the widest range of classes and levels for your dog in the Salt Lake Valley. With indoor year round classes and a number of different outdoor classes to get your dog to experience true on hands-on site training to better your lifestyle and have a happy dog as well!
Join us for a class! you can register for a single class to check us out or buy an 8 class package and work at your own pace. With personalized professional advice from our trainer in small classes you are sure to succeed.
Browse through the levels we offer and decide which level your dog might be in. Come work with us and experience the change in your dogs behavior and see how fast and smart he/she is!
We have Puppy Pre-School classes to help socialize your puppy and correct form an early age any dog behavioral issues. then keep advancing through a range of classes from beginner to advance and special Service and Therapy dog certifications.  Rally and Agility Classes are always a fun class for both dogs and clients.  It is important for dogs to be socialized and have manners in public so Live Oak Dog Obedience offers a Shopping and Breakfast with dogs class and also going to different locations, such as Tanner Park for dog socialization and exercise.
Learn how your dog can also give back by getting trained and certified.
Register online!