From Our Clients

From Our Clients

What our clients have to say about us!

Jen and Les Shigley


I will recommend Live Oak Dog Obedience to everyone who will listen. Jan Perkins has been an incredible help to us. She’s a breath of fresh air in the dog training world.


She is straight-forward, always incredibly nice and will not hesitate to tell us what we are doing wrong (and right for that matter!). We have two border collies and one has significant anxiety about slick flooring. Jan has been patient and helpful with us as we work with her. She suggested we take the dogs on playgrounds to help them get used to different environments and surfaces, since that time our dogs are thrilled to go to the playground and run around the slides. Kids love this too!


Jan works with all clients on teaching a dog to stay calm when a stranger comes up to visit, even when the person is really excited. Because of this, our dogs sit politely by us when we talk with friends and neighbors on our walks, they are also gentle and calm when greeting new people and children, they know their manners. We work with our dogs regularly and are so grateful for the guidance we were given to do this right the first time. With that said, dogs are smart and will figure out what they can get away with and I am so glad to have Jan to help us undo the bad habits we have allowed in our home.


She has been an excellent resource in and out of class. I appreciate her straight forward approach and true love of people and animals. She’s wonderful to work with and I am so glad to have her as a trainer and a friend. I can count on her to help and I can trust her with any friend or stranger I refer her direction. I have never been disappointed in working with her.


Jan structures her classes differently. You can drop into class whenever your schedule allows. She works at the dog’s and the owner’s level. Doesn’t demand that you both follow a particular schedule and order which just doesn’t work for most dogs and people. One dog may excel in one area and struggle in another. Most other classes require everyone to move at the same rate and, in my experience, this hasn’t worked smoothly. Unlike other dog trainers I’ve worked with, while in class, I don’t feel embarrassed or behind the curve when my dog (or I) don’t understand something. I am so grateful for the change in how Jan works. You pay for the classes you attend and you work at your level, not what is “expected” of you. The only expectation I’ve felt from her is that we have fun and learn confidence working our dogs.


In short, I love working with Jan! She has made all of the difference in our lives. Dogs are for our enjoyment and fun, and she has helped us know how to work with our dogs so that they are our companions, hiking buddies, and loved family members. Our dogs are confident and well-mannered. We regularly get compliments about our dogs, others wishing their dogs would behave as ours do, and asking for help with their dogs. We love to help people with their dogs, and we always start at the source – Live Oak Dog Obedience! I recommend her to everyone will full confidence that they will be thrilled with her help, knowledge, and love. Jan is amazing, you’ll love her.


Live Oak Dog Obedience has been serving our community for over 25 years in south California and the Salt Lake Valley. Tell us about your experience!

Hi it’s Jen.  Wanted to share what YOUR training US has allowed us to do.  Off leash hike!  We have you to thank!



Scheduling Classes

Posted by on Oct 31, 2015 in Client comments | 0 comments

***Starting in November I will be having clients sign up for the classes they would like to attend.  Because my classes are getting larger I want to give all of you as much time as I can, and because some classes can become very large I am going to limit the size of the class depending on the location and size of the area we are training in.  You will still be able to come to as many classes a week as you would like and to any location.  I will send the schedule out each week as usual and you will be able to reserve your spot by email,...

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New Arrival Coming to the Puppy Preschool Class

Posted by on Jul 16, 2015 in Client comments | 1 comment

Annie’s new Mastiff puppy for the Puppy Preschool Class in a few weeks.  Totally cute!...

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Update on Penryn

Posted by on Jun 25, 2015 in Client comments | 0 comments

Just heard from Skip and Penryn (Penny) is doing great with her CCI Service Dog Training.  She past her her first monthly report with flying colors.  Way to go Penny!  Skip you are a great trainer!

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Great article from Best Friends highlighting John and Melanie

Posted by on Feb 8, 2014 in Client comments | 0 comments

Best Friends volunteers go extra mile Best Friends volunteers extend kindness beyond the Sanctuary. January 22, 2014 By Christelle L. Del Prete Like many of the volunteers who travel to the Sanctuary to spend time with the animals who live here, Melanie and John Dutcher have turned the trip into a regular getaway. Last December, they returned to the Sanctuary from Salt Lake City for the third year in a row. It may be cold in Southern Utah in the winter, but they don’t mind; it’s their favorite time of the year to volunteer. Though they have...

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Welcome to a new puppy for Kimberly

Posted by on Jan 26, 2014 in Client comments | 2 comments

Kimberly who’s dog, Tucker who graduated from the Advance Class and is now a Therapy dog,  just adopted this sweet puppy.  He was a stray in Cedar City who had not been claimed.  As of now he doesn’t have a name but they think is between 3 and 5 months.  Quite a handsome fellow with the cutest ears ever.  Welcome to a wonderful new family and home.  ...

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Posted by on Dec 9, 2013 in Client comments | 0 comments

What a handsome boy!  This is Jager, Cheri’s Rottweiler.  What a great ambassador to the breed!  

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Tell us about your experience with us!

Posted by on Dec 14, 2011 in Client comments | 17 comments

We appreciate your comments and reviews !   It’s time to let your voice be heard! Let us know how you felt and some of your testimonials and accomplishments. Simply Click on the “Read more” button. Thanks! Hi Jan, I just want to thank you again for helping me transform my dogs. I know Kavik and I haven’t been in class the past few weeks because we have been in the middle of a move but don’t worry I have still been working hard with my girls! Kavik has really come far in the past few weeks and I am so happy...

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